Problem with class creation

Eike Welk eike.welk at
Wed Feb 18 22:27:49 UTC 2004

Hi Eugeny!

I think you talk about a project with the automake manager. If not 
just ignore the email.

What I think what you want to do, is done in the automake manager. The 
automake manager has two windows a top window with your project's 
directories and a bottom window with weird categories and files in 
them. The important categories here are "Program in bin" or "Library 
in noinst".

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 19:25, you wrote:
> Can somebody help me with this issue:
> when i trying to create a new class in subdirectory of project, it
> creates it in the project directory. If i trying to specify class
> name as for exmple
> Events/LoginEvent
> KDevelop says that it will create the class in the active
> directory, so i must not specify the directory name. But how can i
> choose the directory and make it "active"?? :)

-You click on the desired directory in the top window. 
In the bottom window you should now see at least one item of the 
category "Program in bin" or "Library in noinst". They are called 
targets in the automake manager.
-You do a right click on the correct target. (I hope you see only one 
A menu should appear.
-In the menu you select "Make Target Active" 
You'll notice that the target and the directory are now drawn in bold. 
The files that you'll generate with the class generator will now be 
put into the directory of the active target.

To run your program you will have to select the original target again 
(which is of the category "Program in bin").

I hope this helps

Yours Eike.

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