Delphi on Linux

Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at
Mon Feb 2 19:30:43 UTC 2004

On Sunday 01 February 2004 00:56, Prometheus wrote:
> Hello,
> i saw on your webpage, that you implemented some things for Delphi too.
> Can i port my delphi-sourcecode(win32) with KDevelop to Linux?
> Or, what plans exists to do so in future?
> I ask, because Kylix seems to be stopped from Borland. And Kylix was my
> hope to go to Linux.. I am developing Client/Server programs with DB
> Firebird,
> but only on windows till now. But i am looking since over a year for a
> good way
> to do so also on Linux. mhm

If you heavily use VCL, you will probably have troubles porting.
Borland dropped Kylix project and the only chance to port is to
use FreePascal compiler and FCL library (which is free CLX/VCL
implementation). If you port to FCL, you can use either KDevelop
or Lasarus to build your projects.

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, ICST Department

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