Tip: Access to Gideon User Manual - image files

Bernd Pol bernd.pol at online.de
Sun Sep 28 12:19:15 BST 2003

Hi Ian,

On Sunday 28 September 2003 09:13, you wrote:
> The "KDevelop 3 User Manual" in WebCVS is in the file
> "kdevelop/doc/kdevelop/index.docbook".  You can download
> just that file from there, if you like, but you would have to "install"
> it yourself, by copying to /opt/kde3/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevelop
> as "root".  I do NOT recommend such a "short cut" for anything
> other than an index.docbook file!  Even then you might miss some
> screenshots or other image files.

kdevelop/doc/kdevelop/ contains a number of .png image files to which 
index.docbook refers. If you ever download it manually make sure to fetch 
these .png files as well.


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