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John Sullivan John.Sullivan at
Sat Sep 20 03:53:23 BST 2003

  I have been working on a major security application
( using QtDesigner.  We were very pleased with
it as a form designer and are enjoying Qt but felt quite constrained by the
lack of a true IDE.  Someone one the list suggested trying Gideon and we
have been generally impressed with one major remaining problem.
  We have succeeded in moving all the forms and the code that we had
originally written in .ui.h files to Gideon but we have lost all our images
that were added using the pixmap or iconset properties in Designer.  We
tried recreating the image repository using Designer from within Gideon but
the images refuse to stay once we compile and link.  How to we use images
that are assigned to objects in Designer when we move the form into Gideon?
Thanks - John

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