RH9.0 and Gideon

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Wed May 28 13:22:35 BST 2003


On Wednesday 28 May 2003 14:19, you wrote:
> Ahh, a "hidden" KDE feature, at least I never encountered this one until
> now (after 2 years of KDE usage).

well... it's not that hidden, just badly documented ;) Actually, gideon will 
tell you to execute that command if it cannot find its plugins.

> Could you point me to any specifics as to what it actually does? Seems
> to be a KDE equivalent of ldconfig, but I couldn't find much on the web
> and there's no manpage.

It updates the KDE plugin catalog, so KDE knows which plugin has which 
service-type and so on.

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