Adam Walek rotofils at
Sat May 24 14:40:50 BST 2003


I am trying to compile demo.c from ImageMagic api documentation 
with KDevelop.
In project options I inserted
C Compiler flags: `Magick-config --cflags --cppflags`
Linker flags: `Magick-config --ldflags --libs`

but there is an error:

creating ./config.status
Uhh. Malformed pattern in .subs (s%@CFLAGS@%-O2 -g -O2 -Wall) at 
admin/ line 97.
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged
*** success ***

It works fine when I compile it without KDevelop:

gcc `Magick-config --cflags --cppflags` demo.c `Magick-config --
ldflags --libs`

Can you help me to compile demo.c with KDevelop?

I use:
KDevelop 2.1.5
ImageMagick 5.5.5
Mandrake 9.1


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