Compiling code from multiple folders

John Savage JSavage at
Fri May 23 19:17:40 BST 2003

If I have the following directory structure:
and I want to use KDevelop to compile a project consisting of main.cpp,
Logging.h and Logging.cpp, how do I go about doing it? Using CVS is not
an option. Nor is upgrading KDevelop (I'm using 2.1). 
I have tried using ln to link Logging.* into the Project1 folder. This
works, but becomes unmanageable when the Common folder contains hundreds
of files (as it does in our current real project). I then tried using ln
-s to create a symbolic link to Common folder from within the Project1
folder. I can add the files to the project ok, but only a is
created and I can't make the project at all. It complains about 'no rule
to make target all' for the Common static library. 
I've been at this days and tried everything I can think of, along with
googling for every possible keyword I could think that might relate to
this problem, all with no success. Any help or pointers would be

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