Copy/Paste bug (I think) in gideon

David Wartel dwartel at
Fri May 2 13:53:05 BST 2003

we did met this problem?
are you under kde3.1?
thanx !

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 14:19, kosh wrote:

> Hi,
> when you copy a piece of text from a file, go around that file, pasting
> over the instances you want to replace (say you rename a variable and
> want to copy it and go around pasting in the different files which use
> it?) you can do so in the file you copied the text from, but if you swap
> to a different file, the text you copied disappears and what you get
> when you paste now is that it'll put a new line in there instead, a "\n"
> if you will.
> anyone else noticed this?
> cya

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