multi user environment ?

Harald Fernengel harry at
Fri Jan 31 12:08:07 UTC 2003


On Friday 31 January 2003 09:07, you wrote:
> I would like to know if kdevelop is a multi user ide, can we work in
> private directories on the same project ?

sure. It's a *NIX application, after all :)

> Are project completely managed by kdevelop (Is it able to manage
> automated  Makefile generation) ?

KDevelop 3.x can either directly manage automake, qmake or ant based projects 
or you can import custom Makefile-based projects, but then you have to care 
for project management yourself.

> whate are the version management software supported ?

CVS, Perforce, subversion. Others can be added quite easily via plugins.

> One more question, is there a powerful navigation tool that ables you to
> retrieve and change data in multiple files (retriever) ?

hm, there is a grep frontend which you can use on a range of files but there 
is no multi-file replace, but that can be added easily. As an alternative, 
you can also add external tools which can do the job.

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