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Marek spec at
Wed Jan 22 17:45:33 UTC 2003

> Hi all,
> i' like to know if there is an help for C/C++ friendly in KDEVELOP:
> in example when i select a C/C++ keywork and i want to know its syntax,
> i'd like to press F1 and reveive the topic helpor something like this.
> I installed the version in Red Hat 8.0 and i saw there is a Qt-help:
> is the only available help or is there another and more complete C/C++
> help available?

there was one in previous kdevelop versions (<=2). It doesn't compile with qt3
and doesn't seem like it was updated recently and I couldn't find it in
kdevelop 3.

the manual mentions it in the end of section 2.2 and you can still
download it here
under "C/C++ Reference for KDevelop" (bottom). But it will most likely not
compile on redhat 8 (./configure fails with qt 3 on my slackware 9).

So if anyone could answer what are the plans regarding this documentation for
kdevelop 3, I would be interested in hearing it too.

> Thanks in advance for your kind answer.
> Giovanni Di Giacomo

Best regards,
Marek Januszewski

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