Fwd: documentation setup problem

Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.org
Wed Jan 22 10:53:32 GMT 2003

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Subject: documentation setup problem
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 21:44:43 +0100
From: Burkhard.Kayser at t-online.de (Burkhard Kayser)
To: kdevelop at kdevelop.org

I just tried to setup kdevelop 2.1.2. but I failed to setup the path to
kdelibs-documentation. I guess the correct path is /usr/share/doc/KDE3-API/.
The documentation is in this directory.

I'm running SuSe 8.0. I've installed:
kdelibs3, 3.0-1
kdelibs3-devel, 3.0-1
kdelibs3-devel-doc, 3.0-1

Did somebody have a similar problem



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