Gideon on RH8.0 Unuseable

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Sat Jan 4 23:41:53 UTC 2003

You're not alone in experiencing these crashes.  From the other end of the 
spectrum, I install from the sources, and I almost never have a crash.  In 
fact, I've been using Gideon for development now for many months and have 
been very pleased with how stable it is. 

There will be another alpha (#3) release within the next few days and 
hopefully packages will be made available shortly after that.  I am going to 
request that the packagers make the packages for the alpha/beta releases 
with debug options on so crash feedback is valuable to us. 

In the meantime, if you get a crash, report a backtrace of it as that is 
very helpful.  If it's a matter of "start the program, immediate crash, no 
pertinent information in backtrace" then the problem is probably beyond 
gideon - something is wrong in the packaging or the system. 

We've fixed a ton of bugs since the last "release", so hopefully an upgrade 
will solve a lot of these problems. 


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