KDevelop Setup and Makefiles with Gideon

Paul Scott pslist at ultrasw.com
Fri Jan 3 22:52:19 UTC 2003

Oops!  That was supposed to be:

Caleb Tennis wrote:

> On Friday 03 January 2003 12:52, Paul Scott wrote:
>> When I go there I get the same KDE manual but nothing about KDevelop.
>> That's strange.  I wonder if he's packaging the docs separately from 
>> the rest of gideon.  Perhaps there's another deb available for docs?
There is but it is very small.  I think it only has the usual Debian 
copyright stuff.

> http://www.kdevelop.org/test/doc/manual is an exact copy of the 
> KDevelop 3.0
> documentation as of last night.  It should have Bernd Gehrmann and my 
> name on it.  It's not complete, but it's better than the 1999 
> version.  I'm the only one working on it, so it's coming along slowly.
You are right, of course.  When I use the link here I get exactly what 
you say.  I was expecting to find a link on the KDevelop home page which 
I haven't yet.  No problem as to its conditiion.  I appreciate what 
you've had time to do.  I will read it tonight.

>>>> Settings->Configure Gideon
>> Been there several times and don't see a place to configure make.
> Okay, to change options for your specific project, you want to do:
> "Project -> Project Options" and select from the list on what you 
> would like to configure.
Been there but I'll go back after I read some more.

Thanks again,


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