problems with C++ project and libtool

Evil Kosh evil_kosh_uk at
Wed Jan 1 18:49:52 UTC 2003

Hi everyone

I did a bit more testing on my problem, I started with a typical C++
project and compiled it, it works fine, hello world it was, no additions

I then went into the project options and added

-I../include `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 glib-2.0` -DENABLE_NLS

to my CXXFLAGS and then added

`pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0 glib-2.0`


then recompiled this hello world and libtool was correctly using

--mode=link --tag==CXX g++

so with the flags added, I thought then I would add all my other project
files, see if they are causing kdevelop to switch to the problem flags,
which were

--mode=link gcc

which is the ONLY difference between the two libtool flags, so that
--tag=CXX is obviously important

so I added everything but main.cpp and recompiled, it all compiled,
still a hello world app, just with a load of dormant gtk+ code being
compiled along with it.  Executing this app causing the typical hello

NOW! this is the important part, all I did, was replace main.cpp with (I was using .cc for c++ src files at the time), recompiled and
all of a sudden, we are using --mode=link gcc, so the only difference
between the projects was that main.cpp was replace with

why is that?

I dont know is the answer, this isnt an email to "solve" the problem,
more to indicate the exact situation which occured and hopefully find
someone who will understand why it happened like that.

incidentally, changing all my .cc files to .cpp, creating a new project
in the same way, doesnt produce this problem, it's just replacing
main.cpp with

Well, thats all the diagnosis I could muster, hopefully someone will
perk up and say something about this, why it could happen, explanations,


PS.  How usable is gideon? and are there rpm's available for it
anywhere? even src rpms would be ok

Evil Kosh <evil_kosh_uk at>

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