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Iztok Kobal iztok.kobal at
Mon Aug 25 07:21:56 BST 2003

Harald Fernengel wrote:

>On Sunday 24 August 2003 17:40, you wrote:
>>since I'm started new with kdevelop, maybe this is a stupid question
>>but nevertheless:
>>When looking after some problems compiling a JAVA KDE Application
>>which I did generate with the application wizzard, I examined the
>> which was copied to my project directory.
>>Looking at the sources of gideon I found two differnt versions of
>> which are nearly simmilar but not totally
>>the first one is in admin and seems to be a copy of the one belonging
>>to the kdelibs project.
>>the second one is in parts/appwizard/common/admin and seems
>>to be an older version of the first. Is it really neccessary to have two
>>differnt versions ? The problem with them seems to be, that fixes and
>>improvements beeing applied to the kdelibs version do not make
>>their way to the second one.
>at the moment we're keeping an older version of the admin/ dir for the 
>app-templates to ensure compatibility with older KDE and auto* versions. If 
>you run into trouble, just take the admin dir from kdevelop cvs.
I am glad that someone fired up the question about admin directory - 
I've got the question about it too.

I am using the KDevelop-2.1.5 for my projects with the KDevelop-3 admin 
directory set-up as admin template for new projects. I have also patched 
all existing KDevelop-2.1.x projects with the new admin directory and it 
seems that they do perfectly - even with the crosscompiling for other 
targets there is no problems in comparission to older (orginal 
KDevelop-2.1.x) ones.

So when you are mentioning that you are keeping a little bit older 
admin/aoutotools versions for the sake of the backward compatibility, I 
must ask you about till when you intent to keep them compatible with the 
gcc-2.95.3/autoconf-2.5x/automake-1.6.x/kdelibs-3.0.x ? I am asking this 
because I want to be prepared to migrate projects to be compatible with 
higher auto... versions at the right time.

Regards !


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