[Kde-games-devel] Re: KToolBar ?

cantabile cantabile.03 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 21 21:37:30 BST 2003

Le jeu 21/08/2003 à 02:34, Neil Stevens a écrit :

> To create menubars and toolbars you should use the XML GUI system. There is 
> a tutorial for it at 
> http://developer.kde.org/documentation/tutorials/xmlui/preface.html
> Doing it this way means a lot less work for you, because you don't have to 
> manage the menubars and toolbars yourself.
> Notice that in addition to the KStandardActions in kdelibs, there are 
> game-specific ones in libkdegames' kstdgameaction.h

Well, I looked (and praticed) these examples. It's okay for menus but I
still don't understand how you make a button in the toolbar for a
non-standrad KAction.

For example, I created this in my test app (setupActions()):

(void)new KAction(i18n("&Stop"), QIconSet(QPixmap("/pics/stop.png")),0,
this, SLOT(slotstop()),actionCollection(), "stop_anim");

How do I make this appear in a toolbar ? So far, every toolbar I can see
is empty...

Thanks for your help (and patience).

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