Qt newbie

Israel Fdez Cabrera israel at seg.inf.cu
Mon Aug 18 16:49:57 BST 2003

Hi, Im new in Qt programming, I'm using KDevelop to "develop" muy new Qt
applications ( what else don't U :D )
I've a problem, I have a multi tab dialog, In the first tab there is a
start button when clicked it change the actual tab to the second one, my
application needs to move around the file system, and I'd like to show
the actual path in a Qlabel, but the tab is not shown until the file
system scan finished, I meen I can see the status of the process.

Any help?

Israel Fdez Cabrera
Usuario Linux: 270292    (http://counter.li.org)
israel at seg.inf.cu
Segurmatica. Consultoría y Seguridad Informática
La Habana, Cuba.
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