KGame not working ?

cantabile cantabile.03 at
Sun Aug 17 17:53:51 BST 2003

Hi everybody,

I tried a simple - very basic - KGame project.

It only has an empty main window (Kgametest) with a view (Kgametestview)
inheriting from QCanvasView and a Kgametestdoc inheriting from KGame.

It does nothing at the moment. I just want to test if it compiles.

When I add :

#include <kgame/kgame.h> to the kgametestdoc.cpp file (with the
declaration :
class Kgametestdoc : public KGame { /* blah-blah */ }; in kgametestdoc.h

it doesn't compile (error code 2 -- what is it ?) 

If I inherit from QWidget, no problem...

So, how can I get the KGame library to work ?

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