Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at
Sat Aug 16 11:45:24 BST 2003

Saturday 16 August 2003 09:29 skrev redirectz:
> Hi friends...
>   Please, How do I can make projects with CORBA inside my KDevelop ?
You mean how to incorporate IDL files? 
Corba is just a specification, you need a specific implementation and using 
that is no different than incorporating an external library of any kind, a 
bunch of lib-files and a bunch of header-files.

- With the exception of the IDL files which need to be compiled with an IDL 
compiler, when you've done that they are no different, a bunch of headers and 

The IDL generation/compilation you either do by hand or edit a makefile to 
provide it, which ofcourse is a better solution, you probably need to do that 
anyway to insert the generated files into your project.

Check out an CORBA implementation and the specifics of it first. Then you can 
try to use Kdevelop with it.


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