Missing Plugins, was: Re: Gideon starting

Roland Schulz mail at r2s2.de
Mon Sep 16 09:16:07 BST 2002

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On Monday 16 September 2002 01:37, you wrote:
> On Sunday 15 September 2002 21:13, you wrote:
> > starting Gideon (HEAD today) I get the following messages:
> [...]
> > The only menu option available than is Open (under file and project),
> > besides Settings and Help. There is no New or something similar. Is this
> > correct.
> hm... looks like Gideon only finds half of the installed plugins. Where did
> you install Gideon? Run "kbuildsycoca" to rebuild the plugin catalog.
I installed it to /usr both directly with make install and with 
dpkg-buildpackage. I tried this several times. kbuildsyscoca doesn't help 
either. Could you please tell me what files and configuration entries are 
required for gideon to find one of the missing plugins? Since there is no 
error msg, I don't know where to start searching for the problem. May be I 
find out what went wrong, when I know which files cause the problem.

> > IMHO I found two mistakes in the make files. I think those files
> > shouldn't be deleted, because 1. they are in CVS and second they aren't
> > recreated after distclean.
> Thanks for the patches!
Was the patch for the qmakesimple Makefile incorrect (because only the other 
has been commited). 

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