KDevelop newbie

Berge, Harry ten berge at hitt.nl
Wed Sep 11 15:47:49 BST 2002

	For the points below I suggest you make a project with a existing
C++ project. KDev will not generate makefiles in this case, and relies on
your existing makefile. If you then start using qmake (tool from Qt that
generates a makefile) you could create the makefile you want. Create your
own 'configure' which runs qmake and your ready to go. It works perfectly!!!

	In KDev 3.x there will be native qmake support. For the use of qmake
I refer to the good documentation from TrollTech.

	Regards Harry

> 3. Is it possible to use KDevelop without those autoconf/automake/
>     configure/etc. macros to compile a project..?
>     i think it's rather nerve killing that i have to wait some precious
>     time whenever i change a project setting to wait until these scripts
>     are finished.
> 5. If 3. is not possible, which file(s) do i have to edit to add/remove
>     a search for custom header/lib files that will get executed when
>     configure is run on a target machine..?
>     i found some docs about this problem, but those were hopelessly
>     outdated, resp. when i followed those instructions, they were
>     getting ignored/overwritten whithout any reasonable (to me ;-) cause.
> 8. Where can i to set gcc/g++ switches like -fPIC, -fWhatever ..?

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