KDevelop newbie

Stefan Kr├╝mmel Dr_Oken at stw-bonn.de
Wed Sep 11 08:25:55 BST 2002

I'm a rather Kdevelop newbie and have some severe problems.

my configuration:
KDevelop 2.1.3 on Suse Linux 7.3(kernel 2.4.1x, KDE 3.0.3, 
automake/autoconf up to date, gcc 2.95.3, Qt 3.0.5)
on a Athlon 800/512MB RAM.

first of all, when i change some keyboard shortcuts, like ctrl-w for 
closing windows, my changes are lost when i restart KDevelop(here the 
setting gets set back to CTRL+F4). ;-(

ok, here are my most basic questions:

1. How do i create custom project templates that i can use in the
    "new project" assistant, where the other pre-installed templastes
    like qt 2.x SDI/MDI appear..?

2. Which editor settings do i need to change to get a "tab indent" like
    "1:  class whatever {" <ENTER pressed>
    "2:  <TAB is autoinserted> // some code"
    "x:  ..."
    instead of getting some autoinserted spaces..?

    i mean the same functionality that midnight commander uses in its
    builtin editor.

3. Is it possible to use KDevelop without those autoconf/automake/
    configure/etc. macros to compile a project..?
    i think it's rather nerve killing that i have to wait some precious
    time whenever i change a project setting to wait until these scripts
    are finished.

4. Can i enable a optimization for Athlon/Pentium3/4 CPUs within

5. If 3. is not possible, which file(s) do i have to edit to add/remove
    a search for custom header/lib files that will get executed when
    configure is run on a target machine..?
    i found some docs about this problem, but those were hopelessly
    outdated, resp. when i followed those instructions, they were
    getting ignored/overwritten whithout any reasonable (to me ;-) cause.

6. How do i remove the default "en" translation tree, or replace it with
    another, eg. german ;-) ..?
    i created a default qt 2.x MDI app, though it uses qt 3.05 *g* and
    removed the docs tree manually, now the project is rather messed up,
    ain't no wonder ;-)

7. how do i create a "lean&mean" project does not use those "fancy"
    automatic header/lib search, dokumentation, portability stuff eg.
    _only_ .h, .cpp files plus a list of custom libs
    (like Mickeysofts VC++ 6)..?

8. Where can i to set gcc/g++ switches like -fPIC, -fWhatever ..?

plz don't send any flames, cuz i'm really new to this KDevelop stuff and 
have been using the command line tools until now. ;-))

Thanx in advance
Stefan Kruemmel

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