How do I modify the default application interface?

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Tue Oct 29 20:36:06 GMT 2002

> Ok, that's fine.  I don't mind manually editing the code.  But will my
> edits be lost by subsequent code generations?  In other words, does
> KDevelop generate my application class code only a single time when the
> project is first created?  Or does it re-generate the code throughout
> the life of the project?

That's correct, it only does that code generation one time.  After you
initially create the project, you
don't have to worry about KDevelop overwriting your stuff.

> Yes, it does.  So if I add my "menu.ui" file to the project, KDevelop
> will automatically replace the default menu with the one I create??

What happens is this: When you create a .ui file, you're creating an XML
file that basically
describes all of the functions, slots, signals, properties, etc of the
widget.  Adding that to your
project puts that inside of a  A makefile will be created from
that which will:

1) Use Qt's uic (ui compiler) that creates two new files: a .h and a .cpp
2) Compile the created .h and .cpp file into your project

If you write the code yourself, you're basically going straight to step #2.
Using Qt Designer allows you
to not have to worry about writing the code directly, you just create the
design in the graphical
interface of Qt Designer and code generation is handle via the uic.
However, you still need to use Qt Designer to edit the .ui file - you can
edit it by hand, it is text, but Qt Designer will probably work better.

Hope that helps,

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