How do I modify the default application interface?

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Mon Oct 28 15:45:03 GMT 2002

On Monday 28 October 2002 08:03 pm, Stephen Dzurenko wrote:
> Hello All,
> I did search the archives and found several other similar questions.
>  However, for each email there were either no replies or non-helpful
> replies.
> I have created a Kdevelop project and written several classes.  After
> getting a successful build, I ran my application.  Now I would like to
> customize the main window menu.  And this I cannot figure out how to do.
>  Can anyone tell me how to modify the default application interface?

Is this a KDE application?  Are you using KMainWindow?  If so, there should be 
a menuBar() method that returns a pointer to a KMenuBar that you can modify.

If it's just a Qt Application, look at QMenuBar.

If you want to do it via XMLGUI, there is information at


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