Feature suggestion

tim at timsplace.dk tim at timsplace.dk
Sat Oct 12 11:48:40 BST 2002

Hi there.
I enjoy using KDevelop which I think has a lot of nice features. There are still some I
would wish for though. I especially crave for these very usable additions:

- Pressing {esc}{esc} in the code editor closes all non-essential windows.
I work on a monitor in 1024x768. If the output window etc. are open after a debugging
session there are not much room left for the editor. So when I start coding I would like
to be able to press {esc}{esc} and have the editor "maximized" with only it the treeview
When you start debugging again it would be nice if the environment remembered which
windows were visible during last debugging session.

- Shortcut key for accessing the messages window.
Working in front of a computer 8+ hours every day I try use the keyboard as much as I can.
Therefore it would be very welcome if you could toggle between the messages window and the
code window using. My typical workflow is
1) compile
2) locate error/warning in messages window
3) correct error/warning in code
4) goto 2
Today this requires a quite a bit more mouse clicking and scrolling.

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