KDE-Lib Docu for KDE RC-3

Hans-Joerg Koch hans-joerg.koch at t-online.de
Fri Mar 29 14:50:20 GMT 2002

Hallo, all

as the subject says, I have a problem with the KDE-Library Docu for KDE RC3. 

Is there any place out there, I can get the ready compiled docs for the 
kde-rc3 libs?

I have one in a SuSE package - kdelibs3-devel-doc-3.0rc3-0.i386.rpm , but 
there are no directories in there, so the configuration of the lib-docu path 
of kdevelop fails, because kdevelop does not recognise the directory as 
lib-docu directory.

I also tried to make them out of the lib-sources, but by making kdecore and 
reading the qt-lib the make hangs now for nearly 24 hours!!!!

Thanks a lot

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