Extremely frustratnig problems with Qt/Qt Designer/Kdevelop...

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 19:33:20 GMT 2002

--- Ivica Bukvic <ico at fuse.net> wrote:
> To all, I apologize in advance for my possible outbursts of
> anger/sarcasm, 

You realize that people are a lot less likely to help you if you insult
them first? 

> on the top, but every time I tried using Kde toolbar, the Qt Designer
> crashed... go figure.

This list does not deal with Qt Designer.

> Still, in the middle it provides a text-editing widget and treats the
> whole widget as a text editor (why??????), which is not what the
> wizard
> tells me it is supposed to have.

You can switch that to any widget you like. 

> I
> got rid of the <appname>doc.h <appname>doc.cpp, <appname>view.h, and
> <appname>view.cpp files which were created by the wizard ("KDE
> normal"
> app template), as well as removed any references to them, when I do
> complete distclean and automake/configure/make from scratch, the
> newly
> made Makefile in the app src dir still looks for these... Again, no
> comment.

You want to do an "Update all Makefile.am". I agree this is not very
obvious and we should really make this function available from the
"Build" menu. Right click on the File View (in the tabs on the left
side) and select "Update all Makefile.am", then do make distclean,
autoconf, configure and make. One has to always do that after you add
or delete files from the project.

> It is by now obvious that I am going nuts over this endless array of
> problems... So, I would appreciate any help I can get regarding
> these:

Keep your cool, realize that you are in a learning phase and be a
little patient with yourself. 

Your sugggestions are appreciated, as is your help on fixing problems. 


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