Kdevelop and Mozilla: SLOW GUI

tat0o tat at dual
Sat Mar 23 20:32:15 GMT 2002

dual PIII 1ghz - 512MB, Debian sid, X 4.1, kde 2.2.2, kdevelop 2.0.2

sometimes KDevelop is veryveryvery slow opening and moving through menus, 
opening source code files, displaying dialogs, etc. and I've noticed that 
this happens when Mozilla (0.9.[8-9]) is running.   I'm not sure about it 
when everything is so slow in kdevelop closing mozilla let it work properly 

I've run a search on google and I've read a msg from a guy having the same 
problem (he didn't write about any solution) and having the same video card 
(asus 7100, nvidia geforce2 powered). i don't know if this may be 


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