compile options and subdirectories

Jiann-Ming Su js290 at
Sat Mar 23 17:57:21 GMT 2002

Ok, let's say I have the following directory structure in the kdevelop project:


In the src/ directory, I have files that include headers from both lib1dir/
and lib2dir/ subdirectories, so getting it to compile is pretty easy 
by passing it "-I./lib1dir -I./lib2dir".  However, what if files in lib1dir/
includes headers from lib2dir/ and vice versa?  Now, I have to pass 
"-I./lib1dir -I./lib2dir -I../lib1dir -I../lib2dir" for the entire program
to compile correctly.  Is there a more elegant solution?  That is, 
"-I./lib*dir" is only good for the src/ directory, "-I./lib1dir" is only
good for lib2dir/ subdirectory, and "-I./lib2dir" is only good for lib1dir/
subdirectory, so passing the whole option string to the entire build
process seems like a bad hack.  How do I customize the "-I" option for each
individual directory?  Thanks for any help.

Jiann-Ming Su  js290 at  "Hell is other people." --Jean-Paul Sarte

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