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W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 21 11:53:13 GMT 2002

  W. Tasin wrote:

> Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
>> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, W. Tasin wrote:
>> In other words: When I run 'make dist' headers and implementations 
>> should be generated by uic and moc and included into the distribution 
>> and makefiles instead of (or in addition to) the .ui files?
> In addition, because the .ui file represents the dependency, if uic or 
> moc has to be invoked (IMHO it will not unless the ui-file will be 
> modified - and a distribution build wouldn't modify those files, would 
> it?).

I have to revert my statement... now it's really the case that only the 
implementation of the corrisponding ui-file is included.
The .cpp-file has to be registered as SOURCE-file and every source file 
has to be include by make dist, that's why you find the corrisponding 
*.cpp file.

HEADERS instead are empty in Makefile, because there is no 
noinst_HEADERS in our thats the reason why header-files 
will be registered as EXTRA_DIST (I think there will raise up a problem, 
but not yours).

Anyway on my system all works fine with distributions made up, but I 
think I know what happens, your "make" doesn't start to create the 
header and teh implementation of an ui-file, because there is already 
the corrisponding *.cpp-file (created by ui and moc and included by the 
Could you please check this by:

- making a distribution tarball
- unpack it
- remove all *.cpp files, which were created by ui and moc.
- then start ./configure
- and make...

and please tell me if it worked.



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