bugreport and request for help

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 21:09:26 GMT 2002

Hi Ole,

Ole Kristian Brattli wrote:

> This may be a known issue (the link to the bug list did not work for 
> me so I could not check)
> Bug description:
> KDevelop-2.0.2-2 keeps childframe or toplevel (havent quite graped the 
> difference, as settings are not applied) setting for windows no matter 
> what I set in the options->kdevelop_setup. Not even Un-&Re-installing 
> does restores to default settings.Possibly this latter issue is due to 
> poor uninstall script. (file that holds kdevelop settings should be 
> deleted as vell. is it? the RPM is: kdevelop-2.0.2-2.i386.rpm for Red 
> hat 7.2 ) 

Maybe RedHat has a global kdeveloprc that you (normal user) can't 
override with your personal setting. Strange anyway. Just a guess.
BTW: It works well here on SuSE.

> note that I'm presented with a dlgBox that warn's that my path to the 
> qt documentation is errouneus, when I click ok on the 
> options->kdevelop_setup dlgBox. is the settings not applied if this 
> message box is displayed?
> Now for the request for help:
> How do I fix this now ? which file holds the settings for kdevelop? 
> which tag (if XML of similar) do I set to what to fix this now, while 
> waiting for you to do the proper fix? 

MDI mode = [0...2]

Search through the source files for a KConfig read/write call of this entry.
As I said it works well here on all machines.

> Thank you in advance 

As usual any help is welcome.

Ciao,F at lk

> -Ole

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