Kdevelop 2.1 - CVS Version Compile Problem - Need Binarys

Ebner Andreas VA Mechatronics Andreas.Ebner at vatron.com
Mon Mar 11 12:00:23 GMT 2002

Hi KDevelop Users/Developers,

I failed to compile and build the current CVS build and I guess this is why
I used a windows cvs version to download and tried to compile on linux.
Anyway I don't have the option to download the CVS version from my linux
version because of several reasons.
My question:
Does anyone know, where to download a rpm binary or can send me a binary
version for my SuSe 7.2 i386 linux.

I need that current version very baddly because I got some troubles with my
current project size and can't load my kdevelop project without any
manipulation now. The current kdevelop version has fixed this what I have

thx in advance


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