ALERT Possible W32.Badtrans.13312 at mm Infection

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Fri Mar 8 17:43:47 GMT 2002

From: "nadestthy" <_nadest at>
To: kdevelop at
Subject: Re:

The e-mail message cited above, apparently from you, was NOT delivered.

Codemain.Com filters all incoming e-mail messages for the presence of phrases typically found in messages that distribute viruses, worms, or malicious code. The cited message contained one or more of the phrases we filter.

If you used one of these listed phrases, please reword your message and send again. Codemain.Com will be happy to deliver the message.

If you did NOT send the message, you should check your computer for the virus, worm, or malicious code mentioned in the subject line of this e-mail. It is possible someone is using your e-mail address, that a virus has mutated to appear to be from your address, or something else. Good luck.

Codemain.Com System Administrator
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