Execution within KDevelop fails

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 17:53:45 GMT 2002

go to Project->Options [Binary] and select the name and path of your
executable file. 
This is necessary because the project wasnt created by KDevelop and so
we dont know where the binary is going to be. 


--- georg.koller at mikom.com wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks a lot for answering my previous questions.
> I made a project out of sources of kfilter. -> OK.
> I comiled everything. -> OK
> But excecution (F9) inside KDevelop didn't work. The application
> runs, when I
> start it from the console.
> StdErr: "/bin/sh: ./kfilter-0.6beta: File or folder not found"
> Thanks.
> Georg Koller

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