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Jan-Olaf Heise heise at
Thu Jun 27 06:21:31 UTC 2002

On Thursday 27 June 2002 05:22 You wrote:
> hello, i'm new in the mailinglist and with kdevelop,
> hi everybody, i have a little question, i'm trying to
> put the state() of a Qsocket class in a Label, i get
> the
> Qsocket->state() in a variable A,
> when i do
> Label->setText(A) i dont see it.

Sorry, but the QSocket::State property is an enum and not a QString...

> How can i do ??

Assuming You have
QSocket *sock;
QLabel *label;

Try something like

switch( sock()->state() )
	case QSocket::Idle:

(don't worry, there are only five different cases...)

Good luck,

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