kdevelop 2.1.1 problems (clicking on errors in message window)

Vadim Berezniker vadim at berezniker.com
Fri Jun 14 18:37:06 UTC 2002

Vadim Berezniker wrote:
> Thanks. Just checked out KDE_2_2_BRANCH and the problem is gone.
> Now regarding my other problem, where does kdevelop store the keybindings?

Never mind. Just digged through the files and found it.
Now the last problem I have is that kdevelop seems to ignore C compiler 
flags. I specified -I/some/dir in Compiler options but I keep getting an 
error because the compiler can't find the include. If on the other hand 
   I specify the include flag for C++ sources, and then compile a C++ 
source, then it's found OK.
Somehow kdevelop is not writing out the flag into the Makefile template 
I presume, but I don't know how to solve this.

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