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Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at
Mon Jun 10 16:16:03 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 17:34, F at lk Brettschneider wrote:
> Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
> >On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 21:53, F at lk Brettschneider wrote:
> >
> >Uhmmm.. huh? :) RedHat SRPMS should compile for most recent RedHat
> >distros (no matter if they're from Rawhide).
> >
> I mean the rawhide binary rpms, the second link he sent. It doesn't seem 
> related to any RedHat version number. So I wondered if it works on all 
> RedHat distros or just the latest RedHat.

I think they should. Only thing I can think of which might seriously
break things, is if there are major differences in the standard c/c++
libs in Rawhide, contrary to the redhat version you're trying to install
to. I've sucessfully upgraded to Rawhide packages on my computer at work
a few times when I wanted the bleeding edge version of something,
allthough I usually recompile from source and install somewhere I know
won't cause havoc (/opt or /usr/local). I think it should be pretty safe
to provide a link to the Rawhide packages, possibly with a small warning
that those packages are actually part of RedHat's beta distribution and
may cause badness.

Tarjei Knapstad

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