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John Miller jmiller at webmedia.com.au
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I believe it's already been done.

Checkout: Glade.

John M.

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I had an idea and I'm exposing it to you, maybe it doesn't make any sense, I'm
I was thinking that there are a few things that would make KDE rule, I could
name some improvments to Koffie, a Kimp (a KDE version of Gimp) but something
is really missing is a WYSIWYG programming tool, yes, like Visual Basic, that
would really help a lot of people program for KDE and build a lot of
applications, maybe there will be a good one.
Well, my idea is that we could make an XML file descriving the interface and
with a program (that we'll have to make), turn it into a .cpp and .h that
compiling it will generate the windows, etc, etc. How posible do you think it
is ?
Well, I know there's the Qt Designer, but AFAIK it's only usefull to make Qt
dialogs or widgets, or even KDE dialogs or widgets (somebody told me that
there's a way to compile Qt Designer with KDE support), and maybe it's also
usefull to build a complete Qt application, but it's not useful, AFAIK, to
build a complete KDE application, there's a lot of things, lot's of
improvments of KDE that Qt doesn't know about, am I wrong ?
And I also doesn't know (I will in a couple of days when I finish compiling
everything), what's going on in Gideon, maybe this idea of something like
that is already being implemented, I didn't see anything like that the last
time I run Gideon.
I think the good things about this is that as the interface is an XML file, we
could edit it by hand and as we make and control the program which turns the
XML file into .cpp and .h, it could be using latests KDE standards.
What do you think ?
Thank you.
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