removing libs from a project (bug)

Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at
Wed Jun 5 18:35:46 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 16:07, Boris Duerner wrote:
> Hi,
> Adding a new static or dynamic library to a KDevelop project is simple, just 
> create a new folder in the "Files-View" and add a new class to that folder. 
> KDevelop will ask me then whether it should be a static or dynamic lib. 
> But how do I get rid of it? 
> If I remove all files in that new folder from within KDevelop the lib is 
> still in the makefiles? And a clean rebuild doesn't remove it either (clean, 
> autoconf/make, configure, make).
Yep, I'd consider this a bug or at least a missing feature.

How about a "Remove folder from project" option for Gideon?

Anyhows, here's the recipe:

1. Remove all files from the subdir (lib) in KDevelop as you allready

2. Close KDevelop and open up your project file (myproject.kdevprj) in
the root dir of your project.

3. Remove anything that has to do with the lib you want to remove:
   - in the [General] section remove the listed for the    
   - find the sub_dirs= section where you lib is listed and remove it
   - remove any sections like [myproject/unwanted_lib]

4. Almost done now, but the Makefile for your lib is still listed in so open it up in an editor and scroll to the very bottom.
Remove myproject/unwanted_lib/Makefile from the AC_OUTPUT macro.

5. That's it. Kick KDevelop back up, run automake/autoconf and then
configure and you're all set. When you see it works and you didn't
forget anything, you can safely remove the subdir which you don't need
any more.

Tarjei Knapstad

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