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Tue Jun 4 15:50:45 BST 2002

>    I am really a beginner in using linux and its developement tools. My
> pproblem is:
> I have a big project in C++ already done and I should modify the source
> code. I don't know how the project has been developed but I can see that
> it has all the make file and the config file already done. 
> The question is : how can I import the project into KDevelop keeping its
> original structure and all the makefile and configure stuff unchanged.
> I have tryed with 'project, new, custom project but what should I do
> with the make file and the config file? And how can I make it run?

That depends (useful answer, eh?). kdevelop normally takes care of
the configure script and all the makefiles for you so you don't have to
about it. 

This means that kdevelop will overwrite your configure script and
Makefiles sometimes, so don't try to use them with kdevelop directly.

If you can get the project to work with the configure and Makefiles that
kdevelop generates would that be sufficient? If not, does your existing
project use automake and autoconf (they take as input and If so, it might be possible to merge the existing and with the ones generated by kdevelop. 

The problem comes about if your existing makefiles do something hairy
like invoking a custom-built preprocessor or make heavy use of 'yacc' or
parser generators.  

You could try to look at the output from the 'make' process. Does it
just compile the C++ source to object files and then link them? Or does
it do something more complicated? What libraries are linked in?

If it looks like you don't have something strange going on in the
makefiles you can include your existing source files in the kdevelop
project using
"project->Add Existing File".  If you need special compiler or linker
options, you can add them in "project->Options..". That is also where
you tell kevelop which libraries you need.

Hope this helps. If not, ask more.


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