Bug or Feature?

Mirco Sanguineti m.sanguineti at signal.qinetiq.com
Wed Jul 31 10:39:10 UTC 2002


sorry to bother you with something that you may not consider a bug, but if 
this is not a bug it's a very, very annoying feature that should be corrected.
I am using KDevelop 2.1 so this bug may have been already corrected in a 
newest release (although I doubt it).

Here is the problem: 


To better understand the problem and to reproduce what I consider a bug try 
to do this:

Create a C++ console project.

In the `Tree Tool View' select `Classes'.

Right click on `Classes' and choose `Add new folder' (name it whatever you 
want, e.g. everlasting_folder

Now just add a class to it (a bogus class because we do not want to really do 
anything, programwise...)

Build the project and make sure it runs.

Now try to delete that folder... you won't be able to remove it completely!!!

What you would do is to remove it using the `Delete Folder' options under 
right clicking on that folder under the `Classes' view... but if you look 
carefully during the configuration, KDevelop still tries to create a Makefile 
for it...

Now try to remove it from within AC_OUTPUT() in configure.in and from 
Makefile.am in the top directory... what happens is that you receive an error 
message... you can even try to fool around with the Makefile in the part that 
is not (allegedly) overwritten by KDevelop or with the .kdevprj file, but 

My questions are: 

1) How you would remove a folder/directory COMPLETELY from a KDevelop project?

2) Where KDevelop mantains the structure of the project? It does not keep in 
the .kdevprj file otherwise changing it would have some effect, instead this 
file is overwritten by something else.

I know that KDevelop does not cope very well with large projects, but this 
"feature" is very annoying even for a smallish project.

Just to let you know, before writing directly to you, I have tried various 
forums, Google and all the usual ways, but nothing... 

Thank you for your help
Best Regards

Mirco Sanguineti
QinetiQ Ltd.
Malvern Technology Centre
St. Andrews Road, Malvern, Worcs, WR14 3PS, U.K.
Tel. 01684 89 5233 

"If the only tool you possess is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail."

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