KDevelop and Gideon.

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Thu Jul 18 15:52:49 UTC 2002


On Thursday 18 July 2002 12:29, you wrote:
> I'm running KDE from cvs (HEAD), is it posible to have KDevelop and Gideon
> compiled and running here ? I wan't KDevelop for daily use and Gideon to
> see what's going on, how can I do this ?
> Thank you.

by default both KDevelop and Gideon are built, you can use both parallel. If 
you want a stable KDevelop 2.1.x, please check out the KDE_2_2_BRANCH (also 
compiles and runs under KDE 3.x) and configure the CVS HEAD branch with 
"--disable-kdevelop", so that only gideon will be built.

After a "make install" you should have Gideon from HEAD and KDevelop from 

Best regards,

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