Has kdevelop been built?

Chad Thunberg chadth at coolnet.net
Sat Jul 13 06:54:37 UTC 2002

I am working on figuring out how to successfully build this.  I get it
compiled and installed (using make install) but it errors
(http://lists.kde.org/?l=kdevelop&m=102278673417207&w=2) trying to find
libs.  I do believe its a libtool issue and am beating on it to determine
how to fix it.

To fix the problem you are having, add "#include <errno.h>" to tokenizer.cc.
I also had problems with it detecting qt, the configure script was looking
for libqt-mt.  I edited the configure script and replaced all instances of
$qtlib-mt with $qtlib.  However, I am using qt 3.0.3 from the ports
collection, not qt2 like yourself.

For reference, I am using the following:

OpenBSD 3.1-snapshot from 07-11-02
All kde3 ports
qt-3.0.3 from ports
All other dependencies were compiled from the ports collection, cvs'd the
same date of the snapshot

I also tried install anjuta but that was also a battle.  If anyone has notes
on compiling this, please let me know.

Forgive the crosspost, I felt it was relevant to both lists.


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