kdevelop vs gcc3 and gcc2.95

Maxime L'Homme maxime.lhomme at harfangmicro.com
Thu Jul 4 19:10:02 UTC 2002


   Is it possible to mix lib compiled with gcc3 and gcc 2.95 on     
Kdevelop/Kde ??

I'm running suse8, kde3, kdev 2.1, qt3.0.3, (all compiled with 2.95)
but I have a lib compiled with gcc3 (no source for the moment)

Gcc3 dosen't seem to reconize qt compiled with 2.95 (allocation error at
'execute') and if I'm compiling Qt with gcc3 it's my Kde/kdevelop
environement who is not responding anymore.

Does anybody experience something like that ??

The best solution is still to compile my lib in 2.95 but it's not
possible for the moment.

Also I don't want to compile all my kde in gcc3 (stability reason).

Thanks .


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