Indentation past end of line [PATCH]

Kuba Ober kuba at
Tue Jul 2 22:00:37 UTC 2002


This is my indentation patch which somehow didn't make it into the CVS.

Here's the ChangeLog entry (I didn't put it into the patch)

2002-07-02  Kuba Ober <kuba at>
    * make indentation work past end-of-line (for those who want to
      indent comments, etc.)

Diffed against anoncvs from an hour ago (hah, I'm finally using CVS ;-)
Will this make it into kde 3.0.2 ?

This is a relatively minor patch, which fixes a long standing behavioral bug.

Sorry for being late, but I was away from my email for some time.

Cheers, Kuba Ober
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