Hi every body

Israel Fernández israel at seg.inf.cu
Tue Jul 2 15:01:51 BST 2002

Hi, first of all, forgive my english...

I'm developing a daemon application, as usual this app is killed by signals 
I'm trying with signal 15 this is my code:

void kill_all(){
     CColaMensajes * tmp_queue = sav->Cola();
     delete sav;

void terminar (int signal){

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
     signal(15, terminar);
     sav = new CSavdaemon();

     return EXIT_SUCCESS;

CColaMensjes is a class to work with IPC V Messages queues, CSavdaemon sav has 
a memember of type CColaMensajes * and sav->Cola() return CColaMensajes *.
When debuggin (without signals)every goes fine, but at run time I get a 
Segmentation fault in the line:

CColaMensajes * tmp_queue = sav->Cola();

Note that it work fine when debbuging.

I'll appreciate any help!!!

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