KDevelop bugs & annoyances

Reiner Beck r.beck at m4com.de
Tue Jul 2 12:27:56 UTC 2002

there are a few more comments about KDevelop 2.1.1:

1) The Message Window does not scroll down automatically during a make, as
it used to do. Therefore it's not possible to view the progress of the make.
Even if I manually scroll down, the window always jumps up in the list. Is
it possible to get the old behaviour back?
2) There's a configure tab in the compiler options. In addition, there are
Configure Settings as well. This is confusing (The same is true for the
linker options, as I posted earlier).
3) As I posted earlier, programs are always installed as
"i386-linux-progname". This is due to the flag "--target=i386-linux" in the
configure options. Unfortunately, there's no way to suppress this flag -
it's not in the Configure Settings. Well, one can manually remove it in the
Configure Popup, but if there's a change to the Project Options it's there
back again. *really* annoying! Is there a way to remove this flag? (for all
4) For new (C++) Projects, one always has to enable exception handling.
IMHO, this should be the default ...
5) Creating a new Project: There's an inconsistency with the project path:
If one creates a new project, typing the project name fills the project path
as well. However, if one changed the path by hand it will not be extended by
the project name. In contrast, if the path was changed with the file
selection box, the path will be extended. (well, this is a minor problem :)
6) If one selects "Build/Autoconf and Automake" and the Project Options
contain an "install" in "Make Options: additional options", no automake etc.
runs. Instead, the error message "gmake: *** no rule to make target
`install`. Stop." appears.
7) I use the Tab-View: If a tab with a document is opened for the first
time, the document in the tab has a wrong size or is not visible. I think
this happens, when the file has not yet been loaded.
8) In the KDevelop Setup / Keys, the shortcut "Ctrl-Space" is assigned
twice: for PreviewDialog and for Complete Text ...
9) What does "Complete Text" do? The "Expand Text" works - a very nice
feature :-)

KDevelop Version: 2.1.1; Suse 8.0

Cheers Reiner

PS: Despite the fact that I'm complaining a lot, I really like KDevelop
(using it for two years now ... :-)

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