kdevelop crash on open project

W. Tasin tasin at fhm.edu
Thu Feb 28 19:58:39 GMT 2002

Hi Werner,

I didn't find a problem on my side (tested with KDE2 and KDE 3beta(CVS)).
It seems (looking at the backtrace) that it is a KHTML problem, Falk has 
already committed a patch from Jens Zurheide.
Maybe this help.

Could you have a look at the actual CVS version?
The ChangeLog must contain:

2002-02-28  F at lk Brettschneider
    * applied patch for documentation browser configuration dialog sent 
by Jens

Please report if the problem still exists.


Werner Joss wrote:

>On Monday, 25. February 2002 22:28, W.Tasin wrote:
>>Better the whole project, maybe there are some files linked in kdevprj,
>>which doesn't exist anymore or sth. similar...
>>so if your project is GPL please send it to me privately.
The KDevelop project: tasin at kdevelop.de [www.kdevelop.org]
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