kdevelop crash on open project

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Mon Feb 25 21:15:55 GMT 2002

On Monday, 25. February 2002 16:40, W. Tasin wrote:
> Hi Werner,
> I personally have no problem with older projects. I have different types
> tested (with shared lib, static lib, different project types) and there
> are no problems with it.
> Did you change sth. manually inside your .kdevprj?

no - will it be helpful to send the project file ?

> What kind of project is it? Did you something special with it (maybe
> moving it to another place or sim.?

well, I copied it to the directory where my kde3 testuser lives...

> Maybe you could help us by compiling the actual version with "configure
> --enable-debug" to give us mor information about where it is located.

I have done so.
would a backtrace be helpful (I have one) ?

> Ciao
> Walter

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