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Julian Rockey linux at
Sat Feb 23 09:44:14 GMT 2002

On Thursday 21 February 2002 7:53 pm, you wrote:
> This must be a bug that is not new.  I get the infamous signal 11 crash
> which says nothing more than something to the effect that "This generally
> means a bug in the app". Well DAH.
The nature of a signal 11 is such that it can't be translated into something 
users will understand. If an application is compiled with debugging on a 
signal 11 produces a backtrace that a develop can use to fix the bug. 
Mandrake 8.1's applications are not compiled this way.

> 	It happened the very first time I used the KDevelop version that ships and
> installs with Mandrake Linux 8.1.  I used the wizard to create an app shell
> using the Gnome template.  Ran and compiled once, then it crashed. 
> Rebooted ,closed and reopened the app multiple times and everytime I try to
This does seem to happen with KDevelop - once it's crashed once it keeps 
doing it. Removing file /home/<userid>/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc resets it.

> do anything being opening it.......Crash.  Really frustrating when this
> happens with such a basic operation and the first time you use the app. 
> KDevelop looks to be a great c/c++ IDE and I know that you guys work hard
> for little of nothing to create this entire KDE environment.  But I am met
> with this Signal 11 crash often with other apps in the KDE environment.  In
I would suspect that there's something wrong with your hardware or 
installation then... remember there are thousands of us out here using KDE 
for our daily work. I rarely get sig 11 abends with Mandrake 8.1.

> fact, I hate to say that I see it more with this than I have ever seen
> Windows crash. ANd that is a lot.  In fact the infamous blue screen among
> other things about Microsoft is one of the reasons I moved to linux and
A sig 11 does not equate to a Windows blue screen. Remember with a blue 
screen you lose everything and have to reboot. A sig 11 just closes the 
single application - equivalent to Windows' "This program has perform an 
illegal operation". 

> opensource. However, I hardly have the time to deal with crash after crash
> in the first 30 seconds of use.  It is clearly evident that KDE is hardly
> the stable replacement for windows I had hoped for.  And I can clearly see
> why Bill isn't worried.  Maybe Gnome has got a handle on things.  Hope you
> guys get it right someday.
Sorry you didn't get the experience you hoped for. 

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